Great Interview

I really enjoyed talking to the folks at Kirkus about Hoodoo.

It was a really fun interview. Read about it here.


Today is the release day of Hoodoo!

Feels weird.

I'm just kind of numb.

But it is very cool when I really stop and think about it.

If you'd like to get a copy, check out some of the links on the BOOKS page or see your friendly neighborhood book seller.


Hoodoo Query Letter

Do you want to see the pitch that got me an agent and a book deal?

Sure you do.

Check it out here.

Creating a book cover

I was lucky enough to have an awesome illustrator do the cover for Hoodoo.
His name is Sebastian Skrobol and he lives in Poland.

The designer was Lisa Vega at Clarion HMH Books.

Check out this post on how the Hoodoo cover came to be:

Box full of Hoodoo!

Wow! Check it out.


That I wrote.

In a box.

Booklist review

Another great review for Hoodoo from Booklist. I'm really excited by this one, but I'll have to edit it for spoilers!

Smith’s debut novel introduces readers to Hoodoo, a 12-year-old African American boy living in Alabama in the 1930s. Hoodoo got his name because of the heart-shaped birthmark under his eye, believed to be a mark of his family’s talent at folk magic. Unfortunately, Hoodoo is incapable of casting a spell. But that doesn’t stop him from being drawn into the supernatural world of talking crows, traveling souls, and the Stranger, who comes into town looking for him specifically.

                                         SPOILER!!! RUN AWAY!!! RUN AWAY!!!

Hoodoo’s first-person narrative, which flows beautifully, has an appealing natural cadence.
Through his protagonist, Smith demonstrates an eye for detail and a knack for evocative imagery as well as for telling a riveting story with a dollop of southern gothic appeal.

Kirkus Review

The esteemed editors at Kirkus Reviews gave Hoodoo a positive review!

Kirkus is one of the oldest and most well-regarded book review publications. Read the whole review here.